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What technical requirements should be complied with in mechanical processing?

Release date:2019-06-03

NC machining is also called CNC milling machine. The general milling machine is developed on the basis of NC machining. The two processing technologies are basically the same, and the structure is somewhat similar. Under the control of the NC integrated digital control system of common milling machine, the control code of the machine tool can be more accurate.

In addition to the characteristics of ordinary milling machine processing, there are the following characteristics:

1. NC machining part has strong adaptability, flexibility, and can shape contour shape, especially complex or difficult to control the size of parts, such as die parts, shell parts and so on.

2. CNC can process parts that can not be machined, or machines of ordinary machine tools, such as complex curved parts described by mathematical models and three-dimensional surface parts.

3. NC can be processed after clamping and positioning, and parts that need multi-channel processing.

4. NC machining has high precision, stable and reliable processing quality, and NC machining also avoids operator's operational errors.

5. High automation of NC machining can reduce the labor intensity of operators. It is conducive to the automation of production management.

6. High production efficiency, NC machining generally does not need special process equipment such as special fixtures. When changing workpieces, only the clamping tools and adjusting tool data stored in the process of CNC equipment processing need to be invoked, thus greatly reducing the production cycle.

The functions of NC machining and milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine make it highly centralized and greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of NC machining can be continuously changed, which is helpful to select the best cutting quantity.