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Our strengths:From Project Start to Planning and Execution

schaufler tooling’s scope begins with process know-how,parts decelopment and finishes with machining of the die casting parts.the know-how is utilized in each step of the decelopment process for the die

We can simulate and model all data from te standpoint of:

  • Ejection of the part (back draft,radii ,and draft angle)
  • Parting lines
  • Parting line with consideration of trimming the parts
  • Considertion for trim ribs ,flow support ribs and optimum ejections
  • Elimination of weak points throughout the die design

From the aspects of modeling design, runner analysis, simulation and so on, we have realized the real scene presentation in computer software. The precise operation of the automatically generated program ensures that there is no manual intervention in the process of processing, and greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of die processing.

project management:

Extensive use of the modern methods and instruments for Preject Managenment supported by a comprehensible logistics for the manufacturing process is used in each step of the way through our execution of approx. projects every year