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Become a leading supplier of light alloy parts


Expanding the application of light alloy parts with innovative technology to create value for society


Customer-centric, creating value for customers
Guided by innovation and contribute to social progress
Sharing growth and joy based on social responsibility

Business philosophy

Meituo always adheres to the business philosophy of “Good reputation, aggressive innovation, excellent quality, harmonious spirit”, after many years of development, the company has grown into a large and key metal parts supplier of the home electrical appliances industry in china, and services in many well-known domestic and abroad brand customers.

Environmental objectives

Jiangyin Meituo Metal Products Co., Ltd to the environment, highly responsible attitude to society, actively participate in and support environment improvement plan. We will use of environmental resources effectively, reduce environmental pollution, strictly comply with all environmental laws and regulations, and determined to continuously improve our environmental management system.

We are committed to:

1. Protect the environment, is committed to continuous improvement: we establish, implement and continuously improve the effective environmental management system, at the same time, actively participate in and support the community environmental improvement plan;

2. To save energy, and actively to reduce pollution, continuously improve production technology, using environmental protection, recycling utilization of material control the source of environmental pollution, recycling waste as far as possible, reasonable and lawful handling hazardous waste. Efforts to reduce energy consumption, minimizing the consumption of resources;

3.Abide by the laws and regulations, fulfill their duties of enterprise: strictly abide by and implement national and local environmental laws and regulations and other requirements, to ensure that the pollutants meet the national and local environmental standards;

4. According to the company's technology present situation and the economic capacity to establish goals and indicators of environmental improvement. Top management management review on a regular basis;

5. To strengthen training, improve the environmental awareness: employees on environmental protection knowledge education, improve the consciousness of environment capacity, fully participate in the company's environmental protection work;

Every employee in our company take on the responsibilities of the environmental protection and management of one of the main responsibility is to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment, including the strict inspection, equipment installation and maintenance procedures, timely troubleshooting and reasonable review the effectiveness of the environmental protection measures. Top management environment policy should be inspected regularly and should consider the terms and conditions changed. Company will make this year's specific environmental goals each year